Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recent Ruminations

Recently my local public radio made a much-anticipated switch from AM to FM radio. I must admit I was nerdily excited to enjoy the FM clarity and ditch the AM dial nearly altogether. But something happened that I did not expect. The voices, each one comfortably familiar and official in their airwave-induced crackling and nasally timbre on my AM dial, lost everything in the switch. The new FM stations were full of soft-spoken strangers, each one a little less informative than his AM doppelganger. I'm not so sure I am happy that I can find these uncanned voices under a bridge or in every corner of my living room. I'll most certainly be back on the AM dial while drafting behind the tractor-trailer trying to squeeze a few more miles out of every tank.

Drafting makes so much sense if you spent even a day on a road bike with a few friends. The difference between extreme exhaustion and mild perspiration. The way that a 3 foot gap suddenly becomes a 20 foot gap and then, all of the sudden, there you are, wondering how you ever managed to keep up in the first place. sucking dust and noticing the political yard signs so small that only a biker, as winded as yourself on this little road, might be able to make sense of it's white letters cut out of a red background.

The yard sign are being printed as we speak. How I found myself in politics makes no sense even to me. But suddenly here I am, pounding the pavement, knocking the doors, printing the oh-so-printable pamphlets and straight-to-the-trash standard mailers. Could you trace a line from her to here via 2000 miles, 2 degrees, a magazine, a lost cause, a restaurant and an instant message window?

I know she's out there because a little white box assures me it is so. From a house in la la land where all the utilities are included and the basement is for storage to a cubicle or an apartment in a city where every person is a cog in a wheel. God forbid you don't wake up, hit the ground running and go go go, work work work. Throw the words on the page.

finally getting some words on this page. Everything worth saying has somehow been slipping past words. Time to slow it down. At 2:13 a.m. Bringing the old ways back again. Hoping for nothing more than what we all hope for: Fame and total global domination.


Anonymous i, squub said...

I feel the need to say something here. "Need" is way too strong a word. I have a whim to say something here.

I like the way you write. I like that this blog is here, apparently being posted to once every 4 months or something. I like that there's no post saying, "That's it, I give up."

I don't know when the last time I posted on mine was.

I found you because I was googling for "giant fucking moth."

I don't really have any good reason why.

6:26 AM  

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