Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's been a while but the little white blogger box stays the same. Empty, silent, waiting patiently to be filled. It takes time but eventually we get there. Where have I been? Well, while I watch everyone getting more connected, more electronic, more internet addicted I tried to move backwards. If I couldn't find what I was searching for out there in internet space, maybe it was right in my own neighborhood. So I went to work, unplugging the cable, redistributing my mind share and going to work where I thought the real work intersects with things that still make a difference: In local politics. We're writing letters, knocking on doors, raising money, kicking ass and taking names.

I gotta tell you, the reality of the daily grind that keeps us all moving forward is a tough transition. The web pages and the blogs and the celebrities all work to keep our minds distracted from it. But there's gotta be a happy medium out there. It's a little hope meets reality. It's a little who I am to me and who I am to you. It's a little rockstar meets cul-de-sac.

Internet 2.0 let us define ourselves not for who we are but who we want to be. Maybe internet 3.0 is about letting the two bleed over into each other just a little bit. I'm just not sure we're all ready to bring that wall down yet.

Still peeking through the cracks,