Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm pretty sure that all we can do these days is what the T.V. tells us to. Something in me sees so clearly that everyone takes their cues from what they watch in prime time for more hours a day than any of them really want to admit. In fact, it all makes sense now that I can tell who's naughty or nice from their face. They, after all, make every effort to be that face of anger or that face of hope or that face of sexiness that's universally beamed into my living room and just as universally understood.

Sure it scares me that we're all held so captive to the glowing box, all this is old news. But the final layer of this tragedy is much worse than an army of desperate housewives and big shots. There's a third group. They see everything that's going wrong, everything that worse for wear. But they're caught in the watcher's trap. The more that the word around resembles a screen, the more these ones choose to opt out of anything but a front row seat. No desire to talk, no chance to disturb this show. Might as well keep the mouth shut, the brain off and the eyes watching because it's not just the best thing on, it's the only thing on.

I could parlay all of this into some sort of jibber jabber about me spending one plus year of my life just being one of those people or how maybe I've been one forever but maybe instead I'll just blow off the dust and scrape off the rust because it looks like I might be back.