Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deep down where the stomach connects to the head connects to the heart I have a dream to mix 1 part anthropology with two parts journalism, add another part angsty youth and take this show on the road. I have a 48-week long dream of packing up and R.V. with the best photographer I know (ya, he took this picture) and a smart web guru and hit the pavement. Our destination? Each and every one of the 48 contiguous states in this great nation. The Goal? The paint some kind of portrait of America and Americans.

The schedule would be simple enough: One state each week. We'd try to steer clear of the largest cities and the biggest tourist attractions, directing the map's red lines towards smaller towns and more intimate stories. Of course there'd be a website chocked full of blogs, of beautiful photos, of web based videos on anything form interviews to window view. Hell, maybe we could get You Tube involved to help foot the bill and host the feed. Give them an exclusive on the 48 week series. Maybe we could get anthropology departments involved. Stop by schools. Participate in community projects. Get young children in their classrooms checking in with us once a week.

What do you think we would find in your state? What place could you imagine is the most opposite from your own? What is it that actually unites these states besides their common borders?

I don't know if it'll ever bee more than just a dream. But I also don't have much going right now but a whole lot of time to plan. Who wants to hit the road?