Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Don't let anyone fool you, there is magic in this world. It's a little something about the location and a little something about the timing and, even though I cringe to say it, a whole lot of something about believing there's magic out somewhere waiting to be found. If you get it then you just get it.

Lost? It's not gonna make sense to everybody. Maybe it never will. Thing about it is the magic makers is they feed off each other. They cluster and thrive while everyone else stands around wondering what the fuss is about and why life feels like it's just passing by. Something about the way you can stand on a street corner or outside underground or across from an old face that's so familiar but so distant and feel comfortable that everywhere these people around you just get it.

The trigger is different for everybody but the glimmer is always the same. But maybe if you're here none of this needs explanation at all. You're already on the inside.

This place used to have that very same feeling. Not as much these days. Maybe it's the place. maybe it's the timing. But we'll find it again. Because when you strip away the magic to reveal the dream and peek up under the dream's skirt all you'll find is hope.


Anonymous sylkk said...

i always hope.....

6:56 PM  

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