Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sometimes there's just no fighting the feeling of what has to be. sometime it's pulling over onto the side of the road because eyelids are too heavy and sleep just won't wait ten minutes longer. Ten damn minutes from the front door but it's no use to struggle. Sometimes it's singing that song over and over as loud as you can until your voice gives out. Singing just hoping you can be rid of the melody after you embrace and squeeze every bit of life left in it.

If it has to be it has to be. But the rest your have to fight for and fight against. I think if words could really describe facial expressions I could get you a little further inside here. If there was a symbol for big eyebrows squared off in concentration. If there was a way to sound out the look I gave a girl yesterday when she explained to me that she had made a big decision in her life by writing out a list of pros and cons and going from there. Am I the only one astounded that there are people who go through life that way? For those biggies the feeling usually comes. There's no use fighting it. There's just no fighting the feeling of what has to be. And the more you try to erase it the more it manages to reappear.


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