Sunday, December 03, 2006

NaBloPoMo: The Roundup

30 days came and went, quickly at some points and painfully slow at others. I missed writing over the weekend for about 30 seconds between the lunch and dinner double shifts but all in all I'm glad to be done. The pressure and pace of writing creatively each night without enough time to get a thought from beginning to end really just bogged me down. And, though I made nearly 34 comments on blogs over those 30 days, I think that this blog only got 12 really puts the nail in that coffin. Though posts from November 2006 now make up nearly ten percent of my total posts I think it makes up much less of this place's heart and substance.

Maybe my head was just in the wrong place in November. Maybe my heart was. Maybe it was both. But I can see a rhythm starting to form that I like a lot better. November is always a transitioning. The skin pales and the heartbeat increases to keep everything warm. Things get a little fuzzy but then they settle in and everything begins to work in time.

Yesterday I had an in-depth discussion about IM and the way plenty of us have managed to wrap our lives around it and become something a little different. I finally decided that I'm going to try to backtrack a little. Try to weave my way into relationships without the Internet buffer. No IMing new girlfriends, new friends, family. No texts. Try to dam the flow from my heart to my fingertips and get it up and out my mouth instead. Try to get the empty words to fill with a little meaning.

But as for you, well, full disclosure. You might even be able to catch me now on AIM: Thetruthblogger. One step forward, two steps back.


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