Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've finally dug out of the snow just about enough to reach the keyboard and wow what I have missed.

Apparently while I was up to my ass in shovelling, pushing cars and snowshoeing my way to the store to stock up on DVD's because the mailman couldn't even get to the mailbox to drop off the Netflix, Chad over at Chokey Chicken (who apparently is related to that Post-Grad Nothing Girl, weird) laid a completely deserved smack down on Tony and his busblog.

Then we got Allen Iverson. Suck it.

Then I came up with a joke: A mormon and a jew walk into a bar. One of them orders a drink and gets the other one to pay for it. Ha! KILLS ME every time.

Then I drove down to the airport where everyone's stuck to try and scam on Chad's cute girl. Unfortunately there were a lot of cute girls there so I picked the first one I saw and offered her a car ride out, a hot meal and cozy bed. What girl stuck in the airport for two days can resist that kind of charm?

Oh, but back to chad and tony and the meaty part. Chad wrote a comment calling tony out about the recent state of the busblog. It's true that tony's writing doesn't make me dream anymore. It doesn't get my stomach to tingle or help me get through the day. But I understand that men change. One day you wake up and it's not a sorority girl or an L.A. magazine chaser next to you, it's a mormon and she's still half-clothed and somehow you're totally cool with that. Passion isn't always fleeting but it's constantly being redirected and reshaped. The passion in Tony's angst is now the passion in his work. And that's all well and good. But so much of our love for tony was fueled by his L.A.-style free-spirit angst and grew stronger when he never backed down, never apologized for feeling how he did.

But if the last six years have taught us anything thing it's that a man who stands up on a soapbox and speaks to the crowd and gets his power from the people always needs a little humility. Always needs to be willing to take some hits. Always needs to remember how he got there, why he's there, who put him there and why anyone would want to keep him there. A man with nothing telling you to fuck off is beautiful. A man with everything telling you to fuck off is painful. Tony, we love you. Your writing took you a long long way and we took you the rest. Keep up the amazing work at LAist. But still drop us a heads up. take some shit. Let us know you're still with us. That you're still listening. Because we are.

And would a photo essay kill you? Get some interns who will do it or something.


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