Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The two of us lay in the snow, holding hands and looking up into the night sky. It was early evening and though the sun had dropped down behind the horizon, both the snow and the clouds had a way of straining the last bit of sunlight from the day and kicking it back and forth between them for a few extra hours.

Are you with me?

"Of course I'm with you," she said, but under those blue eyes I could clearly see that the cold had snuck in and swept her away. I wasn't about to get left behind either so I closed my eyes, squeezed her fingers and flew off to a bed in an apartment next to a busy road where she used to curl up behind me. But this time it wasn't the same. I was alone, the shade was blocking sun coming for me through the window and the only pieces of her I could detect were the smell of her perfume on the big pillow and a hair tie on the nightstand.

We weren't in the same place but that wasn't the problem. Of all the stories you hear it's very easy to miss one simple idea. Getting the perfect person in the perfect place doesn't matter all that much if the timing is all off.

It was too soon. The hour and the day and the year hadn't lined up the way my heart told me they should. Yes, it was too soon. So I opened my eyes and suddenly the snow wasn't insulating me anymore. My hands were freezing and I could barely feel her grip.

"what the.." She was with me for just a moment. She felt my hand futily squeezing but before I let go she was gone again and I was lying there, dark eyes hair and jacket sticking out so painfully distinct from the white snow.


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