Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two hours left in day two of NaBloPoMo and while I'm not officially on the roster, I can assure you that I will still be boring everyone with a good month's worth of overshare. Let's break it down to it's component parts. We have flight attendant issues unrelated to little yellow masks or inserting the metal clip into the buckle. We've got pangs of sadness over the loss of Mr. Ecko. We've got some wiring issues with the electric. We've got no more Moto GP. Oh dear god. Daylight savings hits like a sledgehammer.

I'd imagine that it's an awesome feeling to get on stage and play a song that inspires everyone to clap on the down beats. In a perfect world I would be able to achieve the writing equivalent of a clap along. I guess comments are as close as I'm gonna get. What a downer.

Bumped into an old roommate. A girl. She told me all about the new guy she's seeing and I said, "you're always in a relationship. Don't you ever get sick of it?" And in a stellar moment of genius for an otherwise dumb blonde she looked me in the eye and said, "You're always alone, or running away from girls who fall for you, or whining about how badly you need to get out of a relationship. Don't you ever get lonely?" And for a second I thought I'd have to concede to Ms. Goldilocks. But then it hit me. I remembered that it's always so much easier to fall in than it is to get out. I can't help it that I'm willing to fight my way uphill when she's to weak to do anything but sit tight.

We all fall in. How do you think I ended up in NaBloPoMo?


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