Tuesday, November 28, 2006

There are only three days left in NaBloPoMo and I have to admit that experiment has met with mixed success. It's true that I've slayed last's November's puny total of two posts but there was a passion that simmered in the days between back then and did't boil over until it was something special. The first post was about the way my brain is really just a trickery machine, bending my past back east into something I want to hide in once again. And the second post is all about what it was like to have my blood's oxygen capturing capacity measures. Both were written in a style that I've missed all of this month. Partly due to a different lifestyle partly due to the absence of motivation and partly due to the pressure of writing down something, anything, every single day.

If you've come to know The Truth Blog in November that's great. But do yourself a favor and explore what's here. There are colors stored in these pages that I haven't painted with in quite a while. Learn what it's like to fall in love. How it feels to really be rocking them. A post that would get me laid if girls I knew read them. How easy it is to get a checkout girl at the grocery store to quit and come with em to the winter olympics. And of course, how Living in LA got to me but still redeemed itself in the end.

Now that's the truth blog.


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