Friday, November 10, 2006

Sure it's after midnight but you try to work 14 hours, get home at 11:59 and still blog a post worth reading.

The sky starts to do something funny this time of year. Winds blow in from the north and west quickly and subtly. By the time I pull myself from bed it's too late. They're here and as they swoop over the mountains at those ridiculous altitudes a space forms underneath where the air sits deadly still and stagnant. Sometimes I feel like I have to move every few minutes just to keep from choking on my own carbon dioxide. What's worse, all the pollution doesn't get carried up and away to whatever happy place it usually ends up. So I sit here in my gross soup of carbon with some dioxide and monoxide trying like hell not to add any methane to the bunch for fear of killing some poor passerby.

Sure it's depressing as hell but what's the use throwing punches at the breezes up a few thousand feet? There's really no way to know how long this lasts but there's always that anticipation. Not just to be free of the muck but of that first morning in the crisp air. And then it happens in an instant. The same way I wake up one morning and my dreams have all started to change. Suddenly the big plan tucked up inside my sleeve doesn't matter so much anymore when the view is so clear that I'm almost positive I can reach up and touch the tip of the mountain. It's not the kind of morning when packing your life into boxes and shipping them somewhere else makes a single lick of sense. No. Dreams sneak in and slip away in the night. In that split second where your heart and your head loose track of each other.


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