Sunday, November 19, 2006

I don't ever read my posts. Quick speel check and then the orange button. Shit is handled. Sometimes you think you have you shit handled and... actually it's always when you're pretty sure that your shit is handled that fate slaps you in the face. Sometimes you gotta work 13 hours straight and blog afterward because you feel guilty.

Last night a bunch of people from the restaurant had been planning to go downtown for one girls birthday. We'd lined it up a week in advance so that we could was to see another co-worker's improv comedy show at 7:30 and hit the town after. I Showed up just as we'd planned (well fashionably late as usual) just as the show was about to begin. I was dismayed, however, not to find a single familiar face in the small crowd. I walked up and I walked down and I couldn't find anyone. I decided to walk back into the bar and look around and that where I saw her. The Mormon. I asked her if she knew what was up. No, she told me that she had come to see the show just like me.

OK. Fine. Everything was fine. Past is the past. I made some calls. "oh, we totally changed to the 9:45 show. sorry dude. Fuck. OK. Fine. 2 hours and 15 minutes. Want to get a Want to get some Want to take a walk. She said yes. We walked. I tried to get her to talk. I am a sucker for girls who cover over everything inside with something simple. Problem is sometimes the simple is not a cover. It's the whole package. So I probed. Lived in Hawaii. Lived in San Diego. Lived in Utah. Converted. Parents aren't Mormon. Things are looking interesting. Familiar steps and buildings and just when maybe I am about to crack the simple into something more fun I look at my watch and realize it's 9:30. Fuck. Gotta hoof it. She moves quickly but never looses that look of comfort. Damn it. Blue eyes. Simple smiles. People see us arrive together and give me looks. I don't mind. Bar girls are a dime a dozen. Maybe I'll try something different.

Show ends. She's gone. Slipped out and I didn't even see. her off to her white car. Me to the black one. Another night. Wonder what tomorrow brings. Stupid four square.


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