Monday, November 20, 2006

NaBloPoMo Day 20

I cannot believe it's day twenty already. I know I still owe you a part two and it'll be delivered but I just can't believe how fast time is flying here. I saw a girl this passed weekend I called the TMG right here on this very blog when it started more than two years ago. Wow. TMG stood for text message girl and she was called text message girl because we really got close after my phone kept sending her blank text messages from my pocket. It's funny how the little things like accidentally hitting the send key or showing up somewhere a few minutes early can make the biggest differences.

Back then when blogging started around here life was fun and easy and the best thing to blog about was girls and dreams and hope for things to come. These days life is fun and easy and the best thing to blog about is girls and dreams and hope for things to come. But both times there's a weird satisfaction that wasn't there in the interim. Bad to be satisfied with waiting tables, playing guitar and coaching little kids when you could be writing novels and running companies? Maybe. Some people told the the other day that your value is really measured by how many times stuff about you pops up in the first 3 pages of search results when you type your name into Google. There's a good football player in Florida who's gonna give me a run for it. There's plenty of days to come when I can fill those pages. But there's only 10 more in NaBloPoMo to fill this one.


Blogger JustSue said...

Just dropping by to meet another Nanoblopomo participant...keep up the good work...the end is in sight!!!

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