Monday, November 13, 2006

My Spanish leaves much to be desired but my Spanish accent is impeccable. This skill has come in handy while in Mexico, Spain, L.A. and dealing with all the people who help me make ridiculously good tips. Same goes for my Italian. In fact, I'm not only good at picking up accents, I'm good at picking up all kinds of different traits from all kinds of different people. For a while I worried whether I was a big fake. People talk endlessly about being yourself and showing that person to the world. What if I spend all my days putting on different faces? Am I a sellout?

The other day a girl at a bar said something that hit me. Some people are great senders and some people are great receivers. Her explanation was that some people constantly sending out what they've got inside and other's are great at picking that stuff up. There isn't a lot of in between. I'd imagine that's because the senders are too busy sending to ever pay attention to what could be received and the receivers realize how ridiculous the senders look flaunting that stuff all around.

I'm a receiver. I'm great at taking what You've sent me, processing it, and sending a little bit back at you in the way you'll best understand. The best place to hit people is on their same wavelength. So I'll place the one dollar bets in the kitchen with the bussers, trade rants with old friends, stand tough by the Jersey kids, talk shop with the journalists, talk workout with the old sports crew and go out with a faux hawk on a Friday night for laughs with too cool kids.

Some people are easy reads. This one goes a little deeper. I can be anything. Would have been a great actor but good thing I know better. I'll spend my time breaking hearts instead. Aye-yay-yay.


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