Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day Six- Fall Cleaning

I clean out my blog roll even less often than I remove old numbers from the cell. But everyone has to clean house eventually and it's always a chance to boot out the old and reconnect with blogs that have slipped through the cracks. Take a sec and check some of them out. There's old faces and new acquaintances. I even reconnected with some of my own posts from the past and the comments that first me to other blogs.

I've come to realize that comments are more than half of what makes this whole thing fun. So as part of NaBloPoMo I've decided not only to post at least once a day but also to leave at least one comment on someone else's blog each day for the remainder of November. I know how much it means to me when someone tells me that they get it. When they admit they're on my page. Whether they live one cul-de-sac over or a few thousand miles away (say Norway) it still helps bring me back

There are two comments I can remember that continue to hit home. The first was from Eric, who responded to a post where I rubbed my youthful freedom and indiscretion in his everyone's face. The ass kicking he served up wasn't even about me, it was about him and it didn't even kick my ass until much, much later.

"that freedom you speak of wasn't much freedom for me. It was purposelessness (I don't know if that's an actual word). I think that's the key to freedom. Having purpose."

For someone who understands working hard at what he loves this makes so much sense. Because a worker who can't seem to figure out his work has never felt more useless. Even though I haven't heard from Eric in a while I think I'm coming around to his side.

The second comment was an E-mail I think. I can't remember exactly ( I am a deleter) but I think it was from Madeleine. She has since retired and then returned and then left for Australia but I think the first words of hers I ever read was an e-mail she was bold enough to send that asked. If not everything can make you cry or make you laugh or make you think back to something you loved or hated or wondered about. She had to ask whether the crap deserves to get printed right there alongside the gold.

I've thought about that a lot lately with the 30 days of posts and few comments and more visitors. I cold give you a line about the crap making the gold shine brighter or lie and say that I respect the organic flow of info that streams out there. But we all know the internet is 99% crap, be it .blogspot or .org or .gov. Either way people come and they put things up and few of them think their work is meaningless.

I never sit down at the screen and think "today I need to make them cry." I just sit down and start rolling with the first thing that pops out. I take that, spice it up with sentenced that start with prepositions and conjunctions even though my teachers told me not to and turn it into something I hope you want to read. Do the same and you'll probably show up on the blogroll here too. Just don't stop. Don't ever stop.


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