Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Can it already be day 8? Did you know there's a randomizer to check out other NaBloPoMo Blogs? Loving it.

Well, a little over two years ago I called my father before election night to talk a little politics. After all, he is the mosh pit of knowledge. We talked for the better part of two hours about the last four years, about where we hoped the nation was heading and about how we were going to vote. And if anything that stood out of the conversation, it was the statement that angered me most at the time but rings so utterly true today. What did he say?

A part of me wishes that George Bush will get reelected and the republicans will keep congress?
Because I know that if they do, they're going to fuck things up so bad in the next four years that they'll give up the presidency and congress for a good long while.


Sure. If it splits now we'll keep going back and forth for the next 10 years. As sad as it is everyone needs a kick in the ass.

You're just blowing smoke. If people are buying it now why wont' they keep buying it for four more years?

Right, I wouldn't listen to the american history major from Amherst either.

And that was the only time my dad ever pulled rank on me. You can argue with the mosh pit of knowledge but in the end he just knows to damn much. We got our kick in the ass. I guess now we just have to wait and see if anything useful will change.


Blogger Sylkk said...

Change would be nice; I'm not holding my breath. Papa sounds like he has a good head!! Good to see you're posting so much. I'm trying to get back into the swing ~

8:50 AM  

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