Friday, November 24, 2006

Belief has alwayays been important but not a specific set of beliefs. Just a belief that makes sense to the believer. I was never confused growing learning the religion of my ancestors while my mother seemed to enjoy the social side more than the prayer and my father rarely came to temple with us because he was flying around the country to Buddhist retreats or mediating in our house's extra room filled with asian charms. I mastered speech at an astoundingly young age and my father was not surprised in the least when he asked if all this stuff confused me and I replied, "no, you like it and I like my own stuff too."

At the time I think maybe I meant I liked my Transformers and reversible Thundercat pajamas but the point came across better than that. Still today I'm rarely turned off by people who believe in ideas or dreams that I never will. Because at the heart of it all I'm pretty sure we're all trying to do what we think is right. Whether right comes from common sense or the bible or our parents or the shows on T.V.. That's why I love my friends even if they see the world with different eyes. That's why I can go on a date with a Mormon even though I think the Mormon Church oppresses women and keeps me from getting some and think gays are going hell and so are women who want a right to choose.

Friends and relatives and girls who you can connect with come around so rarely. There are always a million reasons for any two people not to get along. I try to grab onto those few little threads connecting us together. Especially people from my past. Because they're the only one's who can connect you from point A to now. I'm just trying to keep the strings nice and taught because it's easy to get pulled up and out and away. Stay here. Keep reading. Then someday you'll be able to help pull me back down.

Oh yeah, and Chokey Chicken is back.


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