Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sure I was a little disappointed at the end of last weeks Heroes to find out that Peter Petrelli's was that he could use other people's powers when he's around. It's so been-there-done-that. I had really hoped that the Petrelli brothers would both be able to fly and maybe even to do other things but only when they were with each other. Two brothers, so different in their personalities and goals and dreams but only able to accomplish the incredible when they're together. Too bad they don't let me write this stuff. All in good time on that one...

I have managed to find solace in Hiro and his friends. One without the other wouldn't be enough, but the pair is so funny but so warming and so perfect. Yes all of it is corny and stupid and straight out of the comic book can but that's part of where the love comes from too. I'll put up with the blatant product placement (And it works or so my new Nissan Versa tells me) So what have we got?
A cop who reads minds
A nearly invincible cheerleader
A Flying Congressional Candidate
A Jeckyl and Hyde stripper
A Time/space bending computer geek
A Man who paints the future (while on heroine)
A congressman's brother who can take on any power
A Lost son learning about his father
A bunch of possible bad guys (is the black dude Syler or what? I say no)

It's funny that NBC just announced it wants to axe more dramas like this one to air more crap. Especially when they are finally hooking me in. Does no one else see the irony of watching NBC do the exact opposite of Studio 60 fake network is trying to avoid? Does anyone else see the irony of Studio Sixty falling right after Heroes? Any smart investor knows that a quick fix like this one will prop up NBC for a little while, while someone saws the legs off beneath it. Just ask the guy who made a couple G's standing behind Google while other people laughed at 500. Oh right, that was me. Now if only I could fly.


Blogger rubixcubeman said...

Mission 7: Find one who can walk through walls.
Can you walk through walls? Let me know if you can.
Got a Heroes site? Link to my blog.

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