Thursday, October 19, 2006

I got your round up right here

God I love the oh so convenient bullet point form. I try to live my life via bullet points.

* Every man should go to the bars in his nicest suit at least once. Words can not express the fun that can be had. It help if you dance. It helps if you do not run your jacket between your legs and then throw it across the bar like a stripper into a pitcher of beer. It also helps not to rip your pants on a chair.

* Johnny is the new tailor I met yesterday. He's very professional in his work and was very careful with my package during the intense measuring/pinning process.

* Everyone knows what a bad pair of socks feels like but no one talks about it. I hope to start sock awareness month in November. No more seems ending in those little sewn up balls that get beside or under your feet and make life a lot less fun. A good sock is in the seem, elastic be damned.

* I don't know how this turned into a week of clothing but it did and I'm going to accept it.

*Google. Cha-ching. Enough said.

*Dear Kansas, I stole something from you this week. Her name is Libby. I don't think she will be coming back for a while. I apologize to the governor, the president of KU, and all the boys down on frat row.

*In addition to sock awareness, I will also be going 100% electric for the month of November.

*Everyone mocked me a year and a half ago when I would watch Battlestar Galactica on Fridays before I hit the watering holes and now everyone is on the wagon, calling and asking me to catch them up on an inexplicable "2.5" seasons. Yeah, she was in his head but now she's real and the baby's alive but they don't know and there's the planet with the people but some are fakes and only a few are cylons and no I don't know why they can't make different ones and yes it's like warp speed only faster, he didn't used to be so fat and how do you lose earth anyways, oh forget it.

*Heroes, so ups. Hiro, so quadruple ups.

*Halloween plans are zero at the moment. How does this stuff work after college?

*Holidays are so close. In case you're wondering, Channukah Harry, I would like a $15000 track-ready motorcycle (could you please drill out all the bolts for me?), with a rack for the $900 board (the $$$ is in the rubber) and of course don't forget a place for my $who knows Crash strat on the back.

*seamless socks. Sell google and lets go into business. Like candy from very well dressed babies


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