Thursday, September 28, 2006

The late week roundup via bullet point:

*According to the Apple genius I am the first to his knowledge ever having reported seeing a plume of smoke rise out of his ipod while it was playing. Despite the sincerity of my claim, this brings his accreditation as genius into serious doubt.

*Yes, I got a brand new ipod.

*I love my dead end job at a restaurant. I hate my job at the T.V. Production company. Ironically the restaurant job pays a million times better. Does that make me a dead beat?

*I hate coming to my own blog and seeing all those ex-girlfriends staring back at me. That is my biggest motivation for posting. Have to write enough to get them off the main page.

*Six Degrees is everything a chick show should be. Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives are not. 6D is about the best in all of us. About a little hope. The other two are about everything that's left over when we think the best is gone.

* I still don't know how I feel about Studio Sixty. The dialogue is interesting but the characters are as thick as cardboard.

*Both my dreams and my heart are in New York City and everyday I wonder how that happened and what the hell I'm doing here and why I'm not there.

* I took some friends to see John Mayer and though I've been singing his praises since the first time I saw him five years ago, my friends finally saw the light. Forget the radio play. Forget the sappiness in the lyrics. They saw it. They know. The man can play.

*Sometimes I steal from him but I'm pretty sure if he knew he'd be OK with it.

*When you need to run off somewhere (say Aspen) for business and you're worried about being bored, it's great to have a flight attendant-related friend.

*I'm not sure if it's great to do dirty things to her. I'll get back to you.

*Sometimes I kinda want more bad shit to happen. Just want to prove to everyone what I'm made of. Does that mean anything to you?

*I dream about writing more. But I need your help. Yes you. It's on you now. Don't F it up.


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