Saturday, August 05, 2006


From the week passed:

Always trust the man behind the paint counter. If he tells you not to use the paint on texture for the ceiling, don't be an ass and try it anyway.

I never understood the appeal of a flip phone until my first one arrived a few nights ago. There is little more satisfying than ending a conversation with the wrist-flick snap-to-closed. Stamp it and file it bitches.

Seeing old friends makes me loud and belligerent but much more fun.

Stevie Ray Vaughn music looks so unbelievably impossible on a page but makes so much sense in my ear.

No, I will not clean my room.

The art of porch sitting may be lost but it's not forgotten.

Trying hard to look disheveled is out. In 06-07 you're either with it or you're lost.

I don't get the Entourage hype, but yes, it is pretty true to life.

Ya sure, I'll move to LA. Where do I sign?

I refused to listen to Death Cab for Cutie for almost a year based solely on their name. Meesteak.

This. The best part being that despite the title, it's the only CD he's got on itunes.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. See it. Love it. Live it.

The most important part of sailing lessons are the cold beers afterwards.

Oh, and goodbye Madeleine. If blogs were people mine probably would have passed yours notes with crappy little drawings hoping for a giggle and a smile. Either that or rufied you. Toss up.


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he also has an album here:

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