Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I can feel it coming around again. Call it a wave or a wheel or anything else that will return if you wait long enough. There's an emptiness to it. It's funny because the emptiness is what makes it so tangible. After all, how can you know that there's more out there, more to see and to do and to be until you feel that hole in your chest saying, "wherever we're headed we aren't there yet."

It's the call of the road and I've got no reason to fight it this time. But the hardest part is waiting my turn. This is how it always works. First you feel it. Then you hear it. But then all you can do is shake up the compass, set it still and wait for the little, red needle to stop spinning.

I hate the kids who've had it set in one spot for as long as they can remember. They're sure they want to be a doctor or a musician or a lawyer or a priest just chugging along. But they're always the most patient ones. Willing to work and wait and be silent and never having to worry that the red arrow might move.

I'm learning to love the feeling. When north becomes south. The well becomes the crest. I'm ready for things to flop. It's the waiting I just haven't gotten used to. Maybe all those straight-liners do have something to teach me.


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