Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The view of the street from here is clear and unobscured. The window pales in comparison to the internet and the television screen. There are so many people out there who dream about two stories and so many feet measured by squares and little window looking out into a cul-de-sac of two-car garages. But I'll bet they don't dream of the suburbs and it's fortresses of solitude.

There are places in this word where you don't just know your neighbor by their face as they saunter down to the mailbox from the front door and back again. Places where people know their neighborhood and their neighbor's business and they're better for it. There it's about necessity. There aren't gates with garage door openers and paid police cars and fireman waiting to slide down the pole when that red light starts flashing. You invite the neighbors over because when shit goes down you want them on your side, carrying your shit out of a burning building, watching the kids and cotterizing your stump after you've chopped off a finger.

But we build bigger and bigger castles, safe and protected with everything that's built to make it safe to live inside. Then we all sit back and wonder. Wonder why kids go looking for guns, girls stick their fingers down their throats, fathers surf for porn and bottles of pills keep flying off the shelves. The window's view of the street is unobscured. But it's looking the other way that I'm worried about.


Anonymous elginroots said...

i wish i had read this sooner because i don't really have the time to read all the archives right now

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