Friday, June 02, 2006

I can't believe this blog has lasted two years. I can't believe how many prostitutes are in Amsterdam. I can't believe that Germany can be so green. I can't believe I'm leaving six days before the World Cup starts. I can't believe that the y on this keyboard is in such a weird spot. I can't believe how many dipshit american kids are traveling in Europe. I can't believe that in a club of 4000 people, no one can dance.

The trip has barely begun but I've already realized that I'm not searching for a place or a thing or even an idea. I'm searching for a feeling. Something that lives close to where lost and found meet and merge and intertwine. I don't even know if this feeling still exists in me but there's not a thing I can do but put myself out here on the road and see what happens.

To anyone who has stuck around for two years: you know that all the best is yet to come.
To the rest of you: I guess You'll just have to stick around and find otu for yourself.

Next Stop: Berlin
Next Feeling: Hungry
Next Acquaitance: Hopefully not American
Next Expense: A liter of beer and a bratwurst


Blogger Sylkk said...

I'm completely envious of your presence at the Cup..... sheesh.. have fun (as if you wouldn't) !!

1:14 PM  
Blogger whoever said...

french keyboards...

7:12 PM  

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