Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dear Europe,
I heard there are a lot of American kids over here in the summers making trouble but wow I did not expect it to be like a final spring break for everyone leaving college. The crowned jewels that are your biggest cities may be teeming with history but their also crawling with tourists looking for the next good time. All thi sis good and fine and I'm sure you love it when we bring our big fat american wallets ovewr but I'm more of a nook and cranny guy. The most beautiful sports are the ones where I don't hear english and I can't expect to see someone I know.

Tonight I'm off on a book to find another nook somewhere along the coast of a country which may very well have more sheep than people and might welcome me in a way that doesn't include brochures or pub crawls.

Everyone has to find their nook. Somewhere I'll find mine.


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ireland myfriend

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