Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here and There

9 hours till Europe. Head has been swirling for weeks. I'll be abroad but I won't be gone. But I realized today that only 3 of the first 20 bloggers who I started with are still around.

To send us both off I'll give you a peek inside my backpack:

Apple video ipod 30 gig. Black cuz that's how I roll. And don't forget to load that baby with My Generation in french by Chapaumelon.

Lonely Planet Europe with the pages to Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus, Andora, and many others torn out and disposed of.

Le Sportsac.... I was not alive when this thing was fabricated.

Moleskin Notebook (large and pocket size. Next best thing to batteries and wires.

Travel size toiletries.

Emergen-C (kicks jet lag's ass).

Cannon elf camera of some kind (can you say lost and found?).

30 in Euro's saved from 3 years ago when I promised myself that I would return to Europe (not worth as much as when I bought them).

Podcasts to help me not die in Morocco, Turkey and Serbia.

Raquet ball for everything from fun to laundry.

15 days over 2 months Eurail Pass.

Good luck necklace tarnished from to much luck rubbing.

Light Reading: Dostoyevski, Hemmingway, DeLillo etc.

Europe map plotting a course from England to Belgium to Netherlands to Germany to France to Portugal to Spain to Morocco to Italy to Greece to Turkey to Bulgaria to Romania to Hungary to Slovakia to Czech Republic to Poland to Sweden to England to the rest of my life. See you there.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Letters: Volume V

Dear College
What a fucking ride we had. I mean, even if we don't count that year in the middle I'm sure you can agree that we did exactly what I had hoped. I wanted to hit the ground running. I just wanted to throw myself out there on the road to somewhere and find out about myself as I went along. As much as I learned I forgot, and as much as I forgot I realized there was a whole hell of a lot more than I never learned but still wanted to know.
If there's one impression that you've left on me, one that's going to change the rest of my life, its how you taught me to talk the talk. I always knew that I had the walk in me, I always knew how to back it all up, but the front was seriously lacking. No, I'm not talking about making a move on the ladies (though thanks for that too) I'm talking about all there is to life. Sure 90% is showing up and maybe 5% is doing what you do well but the other 5% is selling yourself, and convincing the world around you that you've got the other 95% locked down.
I realize know that the last 4 months were a sheer test of will to see if you could brake me. To see if I would let you turn my world upside down... Sure you got me into a corner but never forget, I'm quick like a mongoose.
There's 3 days left till the rest of my life and The view from here is still pretty good. The road is open. The top is down. There's nothing for miles but clouds and sunshine and rolling hills. And college, you know what you could never understand about me? It's that this baby was built for the open road.
As much as I will learn from here I'll forget
And as much as I forget I'll realize there so much still to learn.
So, who's ready for Europe?