Sunday, April 02, 2006


Dear Orion:
Thank you. I'm not sure exactly how you manage it, but every time I look up at the night sky you're there looking back down on me, pointing me in the right direction. It might just be my place here in the northern hemisphere. It might be that I always look to the same part of the sky. Or it might be the time of year my eyes wander about the blinking lights of the nighttime horizon. You always manage to remind me that while everything changes, lost in the waves, the words and, fuck it I'll go for the triplet, the wars, it's all just a flicker in your eye.

From here you're just another sparkle of the magic that lies in the unknown. A little future and a little past mixed in something I'll see but I'll never touch except in my mind's eye. Did you know what was happening this whole time? I didn't understand why I couldn't write, why I couldn't blog, why I couldn't sing, why I couldn't pick up a girl or find a reason to pull myself out of bed before noon thirty?

It was like breaking down on Route 66 100 miles from any gas station, the adventure needle resting on E and nothing to do but sit in the sticky seats under the desert sun and wait for something to come along. Then, just as night is falling and I thought that I might as well just settle down and accept my permanent place on the side of the dusty road, you slid in through the black, pointing me on my way.

And I just wanted to say thanks.
Your Pal,
The Truth Blogger


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