Thursday, April 20, 2006

As the inevitable fate of sniffing around for job possibilities creeps closer, it's become painfully clear that until my dream of professional vacuum-cord wrapper is realized I will probably end up in media/writing/ journalism or some other form of time wasting. Problem is, this pesky question keeps coming up. No, not the one about whether I've ever been convicted of a crime. Everyone wants to know if I have a blog. They want to know if I'm hip, if I'm connected, if I'm insightful, if I'm foolhardy or if I'm just a fool.

Up to this point I've been absolutely certain that if I'm going to start handing out this web address I might as well crack open Pandora's Box, shoot myself in the foot, have sex with one of my roommates, blow all my cash on a trip through Europe and Asia and all those other things Id do if the world was going to end tomorrow. This site hasn't been about breaking news, or about my experiences as an esteemed professional or about politics or finance or helping people. It' hasn't been about truth. Sometimes it hasn't even been about half truth. And hell if I plan on going back to correct two years worth of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

And wouldn't the worst part about tying you and these words to my hopes of professional success mean that I would embrace seriousness and censorship, because god forbid it be tied to a company that wants to employ me but doesn't want to be associated with who I am. I mean, if I started throwing around this truth blog address people would come here expecting some truth wouldn't they? And the only person I've been true to here is me.

I started to think of all the things I would no longer be able to write about here. That I wouldn't talk about drunken stuppors or drug use or excessive internet porn consumption or personal attacks on my list of people to kill or rant about politics. And then I realized, I haven't done a damn one of these. It's not because I don't care, it's not because I'm scared to tackle tough issues and it's certainly for lack of opinions. I realized that when it comes down to it, this blog isn't really about all of that. It's just about one stupid, simple thing. Me.

I guess it's time to start scribbling www's on applications and business cards... unless you think they're going to object over calling one of their future employees simple and stupid.


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