Monday, February 13, 2006

People all over the world can mock the Torino Olympics to their heart's content. They can call it a facade, a marketing tool, a blasphemous excuse for true athletic performance. They can call Bob Costas a hack and a lame duck and a utter fool. But all of them would be completely missing the point.

Being here with the Safeway girl the last three, wandering around the bottom of the halfpipe and alongside the Downhill run and in the stands above the speed skating ice, it's easy to realize what isn't coming through between the colored dots on your TV screens.

Deep down no one cares about bringing distant nations together or counting the medals or making statements. We're all here to see that glimmer in the special moment when a few lucky souls get to see their dream realized. Sure, people realize their dreams everyday but I promise there is nowhere else on earth where it is happen so quickly in such a small area with so many watching. If we could see everyone's dreams realize in a moment it would make for equally entertaining and heartfelt television, but here, now, in Torino they've managed to get them all in one place for two weeks for the first time in four years.

Eight years ago I watched something that I couldn't escape. It would change my life forever in the best ways and the hardest ways. Bring me to new friends, new failures, exotic places and the very limit of what I thought I was capable of. That's the thrill of the Olympics. Dreams, once impossible but now realized.

I tried to explain it to the Safeway girl. That feeling in my heart. "Ya, ya," she said, "that's all fine and good but will you buy me one of those Team USA berets?" And I kissed her and a skier flew down the course and in that moment I understood that the best part of realizing one dream was dreaming up another.


Blogger Mo said...

so she makes enough at safeway to take boff of you to torino? man, shes a keeper...

12:16 AM  
Blogger eric said...

i'll never make fun of the olympics. to think that people wait four years to realize their dream and have, in some cases, only one shot. it's amazing.


3:35 PM  

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