Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It sucks driving that extra mile or so to the closest grocery store that isn't Safeway but I've learned that when a woman asks for some space you either need to shower her with excessive attention or give her what she asked for. The trip to Italy was long and fantastic but I knew that when I returned and my brand new Macbook Pro had FINALLY arrived that I wouldn't mind holing up in my room for a while and staying out of sight.

Just to get this boring stuff out of the way: No I've never owned a mac but I use them almost everyday, and yes I'm bummed that Virtual PC doesn't run on the new Intel's yet and yes the chip is fast and yes it was totally worth the money and yes, all the new doodads like the built in camera and the magnetic power cord will be cool until someone else comes out with something cooler next year.

In the works: audio podcasts, a new site design (for all 10 of my visitors), the story of getting puked on for Fat Tuesday, how I convinced a girl who looks exactly like Kate from lost to go out with me tomorrow, why I don't talk to sorority girls and why they love it, the nostalgia of the printing press ink smell, the gnitty gritty.


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