Thursday, January 05, 2006

If the guy in front of me hadn't decided to brake just after I'd changed lanes on the freeway this evening I would have probably driven to Canada tomorrow. Instead, I will be scrounging through junkyards for a new glass cover to replace my broken headlight.

Why drive to Canada? Well first I've found myself with an unanticipated amount of free time on the schedule. Then there's all the warm coats that I own. I would probably need all of them layered to survive in the cold of the great white north. Then there's also the realization of how much money I could save my grandmother. It was from her house that I was returning after I spent a few hours collecting receipts and filling out the paperwork to get medicare to reimburse the nearly $10 thousand she spent on prescriptions this year when the unfortunate incident occurred. I also realized how many good blogs I read each week that come out of Canada. And of course we can't forget some random socially awkward blogger party hosted by guilty pleasure Paige and Raymi, who I don't link to not because she offends me or because she already gets a ridiculous amount of blog props but because I'm pretty sure she could beat me up in a real-life fight. If you want to know how to get on my blogroll, don't worry about writing well or looking pretty, or linking me, just reassure me that I could whoop you when we drop the gloves.

I assume, in my own naive way, that all my favorite canadian bloggers will be at this party because they all live side-by-side on the same happy little block where they shovel snow together in the morning and go drinking together at night. Even my four separate trips over the border haven't seemed to shake this image, the one of happy people like the mountie on Due South with his white husky named Deifenbaker (as soon as I'm done here I am totally checking netflix for that shit). I loved every place I visited in Canada. Banff was majestically beautiful. Quebec city was a little piece of Europe in America. Vancouver made me wonder how they got the whole city thing so right and we got it so wrong. Then Montreal showed me that America doesn't have a decent strip club in any of the 50 states.

I could go on to talk about our mutual love for hockey and snow and the metric system and whale blubber but I've gotta go order some netflix and write a letter to my insurance company and call a girl I don't like to tell her we can't go out cuz I got in a car accident... though I have a feeling she won't believe me.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Awwww, thanks for all the warm fuzzies about Canada! You just made my day :) And of course we all live on the same block, shovelling snow together by day and drinking together by night. Hehehe. That's why it always works when someone asks a question like "Hey, do you know Joe from Canada?" ;)

8:49 AM  
Blogger Six said...

Oui, we are all BFF in Canada. EH
By the way blogger party at MY HOUSE asap okay see you all there thanks bye!

12:11 AM  

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