Monday, September 12, 2005

It costs more than 3 dollars a gallon at the pump to fuel up my car around here but since I eat for gratis care of my sweet sorority job, fuel for my bike peddling is free. Me riding around town is like one of those stupid SUV commercials where they convince you that your gas-guzzler with city sensibility was born of a wild, mountain-dwelling beast. Well my bike is that beast and it's meant to jump of big boulders and slalom coniferous trees and spit mud and anyone who's stupid enough to ride in my wake. It's not meant for hot summer asphalt or broken glass or cobblestones or nails.

Today when I arrived at home for a mid-afternoon break with my signature fluid, on the seat-to-one footer- to perfect touchdown dismount I noticed something shiny on my front tire. A piece of rock. No. Something more familiar. Something more mundane. It was a thumb tack and it was thumbs side out. But maybe it hadn't gone all the way through. I mean, I was still riding, wasn't I? The tire was still filled.

I slid the nail of my index finger under the thin piece of metal and pried it loose.

Shit. I could hear the air escaping. What to do what to do? So I slid the thumb tack back in. The noise stopped. I rode my bike around the block. It held. Later in the evening I rode back to work watching the tack pop up to greet me and glide effortless back down below. Somehow this stupid piece of sharp metal that I feared encountering was the only thing keeping my going. Something I didn't need yesterday was something I couldn't live without today.

I prayed that the little tack would hold all the way down that steep hill and low-and-behold it did. As I climbed the back staircase I chuckled to myself. Staring at the computer screen I mocked myself for everything I had said the day before. About Default. About chaos. I mean I've been riding on a tack all day long.

I smiled all the way back down those same steps. Out the back door. And on the ground next to the bike rack was a shiny metal point, thumbs side down. It was the tack. I swore to myself for a moment thinking about the long walk home. That was until I noticed something. There's the tack... Where's the bike? The default is chaos and chaos is the truth blog and the truth blogger likes to ride the bus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eat for gratis?
Have you suddenly turned Norwegian?

8:37 AM  

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