Sunday, August 28, 2005

There was something in the water back in the year all of us were born. None of us really realized it for at least a decade but by that point is was so blatantly obvious that no one could ignore it. Our parents couldn't. Our teachers couldn't. The other kids couldn't. The cops couldn't. It's startling to think that we're still get recognized. We're still getting pointed at. And were still getting things that we secretly know we deserve.

and of course we're still laughing at each other. We're still pushing each other. We're still fighting each other. We're only kinda still calling each other. The HV boys. One of the HV boys went red, graduated Naval Academy and headed straight to Pensacola for flight school. Helicopters are his specialty and he's fearless. But of course the rest of us couldn't' simply let it slide. So another HV boy went to MIT and got a job with a big aeronautical engineering firm. What's he building for them? Unmanned helicopters. Bitch please.

I tried to go with the flow, fought it for a while and then turned around and bragged to all of my friends that while they were wasting away their youth behind a desk, I was out getting a company to pay my way to Europe to travel around and compete at a sport I loved. It was stressful but it was amazing and it was free and I never let them forget it.

It took only 4 months before I had to eat my words. Another HV boy had his way payed into a program that didn't just take him to Europe, it flew him to Japan, to china, to Eastern Europe, to Western Europe and even to Canada. And just when I thought the humiliation was over he turned around and became a staff member herding another group across the globe for another 4 months. All free.

Right now, of course, I'm gloating at the top after my summer in Los Angeles working for a magazine that most of you probably see at least once a week while you stand in line at the grocery store. Of course being the king of the hill is nerve racking. What could these kids possibly think of next? There's an HV boy out there who knows it's time to step it up but for now he is hiding and planning and scheming and fretting. I might have a few years but I'm going to have to come up with something huge. And I'm absolutely terrified.

Oh, and these are a few pictures I took on the road home from LA.


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