Thursday, June 02, 2005

There are over 8 billion people on this planet and if each one paired up with a star in the galaxy there would still be billions left over to smile down upon the rest of us unclaimed. One in eight billion and people take some decisions so seriously. Like the end of something old or the start of something new really changes anything.

People like to get all stuck in the middle of a Robert Frost poem where they're standing in that yellow wood standing and staring where those two roads diverge. Thinking maybe that if they can get their life to stop and just stand still for one minute. Just hold still for one god damn minute and let me take a longer look here and maybe I can walk a hundred yards down that one and if I don't like it I can come back. No wait, better yet, if everything stops altogether I can just stand here forver and I don't ever have to choose. I can't ever send my life spinning off wildly in the wrong direction.

No one ever thinks to turn around and look behind them. Because if they did all they would see is their path through hundreds of other forks in the road. All those decisions that brought them this far. They'll keep carrying you. They've done it for billions before you and they'll do it long after you're gone. There's always people around to tell you about taking your life into your own hands. Thing is, it's not always yours to take. You have to run it by all those 8 billions stars first.


Blogger Mo said...

i tried talked to stars once, but it always seemed like they were ignoring me.

3:06 PM  

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