Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sometimes I want this blog to be a discussion about important things like news and journalism and the future of my industry. Then I realize if I cared that much I would just start another blog.

It's easy to get down on things when you don't know many people in the place where you are. Moping is easy. Kicking your ass back into gear is what takes nuts. Cuz life isn't that bad. I've got a job that I actually kinda like. I get to talk to celebrities and chase them around town to fancy hotels and bars where they pay for me to have drinks. I get to work on the 18th and top floor of my buiding where there is a never ending supply of bottled water, Dr. Pepper and even A&W Rootbeer if I'm so inclined. Actually, I lie. it's the 17th floornot the 18th because people are still too pussy to work on a floor numbered 13 so 13 become 14 and the whoel world looks the other way. If that's not enough, my coworkers sent me home with a stack full of no less than 8 new TV pilots to review before the networks have even decided to give them a green light for a full season. So I've got something to do with myself even when I don't know anyone.

In a few weeks I'll have some serious access to free club level Dodger seats so if Tony Pierce didn't e-mail me back earlier he definitely will when I drop that bomb.

I live with two med students right now. Makes me feel pretty useless. That's my key to success. Surround yourself with people who so totally eclipse you that you really have no choice but to get up off your ass, get out and do something with your life. Truth is it's been that way since I was 10 and despite all the fact that we never did as many crazy things or talked to as many girls as we should have, I owe all my old friends dearly. Plus, we've all made up for the lost time. Thing is, it's not like we felt like we were really missing out on anything back then. No need to grow up too fast. Cuz inevitably you're going to wake up one day and all of you will be twenty-something with diploma in hand and absolutely no idea what's gonna get your rocks off. I could talk about important things, but what's the rush to grow up? There's plenty of time for that.


Blogger Mo said...

"I can't get married. I'm a 30 year old boy." -Fight Club

growing up is overrated. give me neverland over a cubicle any day of the week.

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