Thursday, June 09, 2005

I sat down across from myself at the small window table for lunch. The waitress asked if we wanted to start with something to drink.

Two whiskey sours.

"Just one, I'll have a gin and tonic."


"Awwwww, Comb your fucking hair."

The waitress raised an eyebrow and Smirked.

Make that two whiskey sours and two G&T's

She scribbled lazily on her green pad and walked away.

I'll bet she'd bang you.

"Didn't you have enough to drink last night? Weren't those 12 AM Gin shots enough to keep you going until you get home?"

Sue me. I've had a tough week. My old roommate got called a nigger and then got his jaw broken just for being black. The magazine wouldn't pick up the article I proposed. My best friend turned 22 and I couldn't be there. My step-aunt got some bad news and then the only girl I've really loved went the one place that I can't follow.

Ya but here's the thing...

"What? Now you're gonna lecture me?"

The waitress delivered the drinks.

"She's got a really large mouth. Reminds me of Paige. "

Well you've got a big one too, so drink your drink and shut up. Lecture time.

I sat back and crossed my legs.

Don't do that, you look gay.

I scowled.

Now listen up. His jaw will heal. Your aunt will get chemo. You'll write more shit in this lifetime then you'll ever want to read when you're old, next year your friend will turn 23 and hopefully that will be as amusing as 21 and last but not least, The girl might have gone somewhere you can't follow but all your love doesn't go with her.

"Since when are we all chatty about feeling? who's the gay one"

Shut it. You're always up in this stuff. Always gotta have something to complain about. Just hear me out. The love. The feeling. The tingling in your stomach. It's had a face for a year -and a damn fine face I might add-

"You're not helping"

Shove it. Look. The thing about love, it's the transfer that's hard. Not to another girl. To the idea of someone. It's not an easy thing to do. And before you can pick yourself up and stop hitting that gin, you have to take that feeling and you have to unhook it from that face and remember that it's not always about a person but it's about a hope in something coming along that's going to totally knock you out of your little rhythm of working and blogging and drinking gin in your apartment alone late at night.

"You're a giant tool, you know that right?"

If you tell anyone that we had this talk I swear I'll make you eat dog shit.

The couple at the next booth both turned and stared, like I was talking to thin air. He flipped them off. I smiled. And maybe for a second all I had was a feeling. Like I didn't know what was coming next. But still there was hope.


Blogger Mo said...

your friend is an asshole, but hes right.

move on.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Hebbosome said...

Empathy is what I've got for you.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Sylkk said...

Keep your chin up! There's ALWAYS hope ;-)

9:12 AM  

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