Sunday, May 29, 2005

Something strange happened yesterday while I was out frolicking between the palm trees and celebrities down on the Santa Monica boardwalk. I was sipping drinks in a beachside bar three feet from one of the actresses on ER talking with a gregarious producer from MGM Studios while dogs barked outside and kids cruised by on custom-made low rider bicycles. I sat there staring down at the last few sips of my margarita, no salt, and listening to an old friend yabber away into her cell phone while her free hand flapped around like a chicken wing.

And as the smell of the ocean mixed with Venice beach bums cruised through the open windows I realized it must have been almost a year since I woke up one morning in that little house on the busy street, sat down at my laptop and decided that if I was going to start a blog, why not call it The truth Blog? I wanted to make sure everyone doesn't just know The Truth, they know MY truth.

Then, just like now, I had moved to somewhere new. Then, just like now, I was between houses. Then, just like now, I wasn't so sure what the rest of my summer would hold. Then, just like now I need someone to kick my ass into gear.

I took all day today to find my own way around Los Angeles after most of this city's drivers raced eachother mercilessly to Palm Springs and San Diego. What felt like heavy traffic to me was nearly deserted streets along Wilshire, Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd. I haven't gone out in LA yet on big night in the town. It's not for lack of want. I'm just waiting. Waiting until I meet the right people. The right moment.

Nothing happens overnight. It's not like I just show up in Los Angeles and by the end of the first week I have a ticket to a big event next weekend and a 1.6 million dollar loft to stay in for free for all of July and August. And it's not like my neighbors will be a creator of X-men and Dean Cain, the Superman himself. Cuz that stuff only happens in kid's dreams. So tonight I'll stay home and be happy with my 6,000 visits to the truth blog in 365 days. That's more than enough to keep me satisfied. That, and palm trees. If I could have a palm tree in my front yard you bet your ass I would.


Blogger Mo said...

congrats bro. i know of alot of blogs than havent lasted half as long or have had half the hits.

in a short time, the truth blog has become one of my favorites.

heres to 6 million hits in the next year.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Sylkk said...

So since you're in hell-ay .. any thoughts of getting together with Mr Pierce??

congrats on your blog and for kicking it on a regular basis!

and don't stop.....

2:21 PM  
Blogger Tayden said...

Ya, I thought about meeting him. I sent him an e-mail saying I would love to see him some time and maybe even help him out if he's working on any kind of solo project like a magazine or book. Never Heard back though. Maybe I'll try him again some time... Like when I have some Dodgers tickets.

1:55 PM  

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