Friday, May 06, 2005

If I wasn't blogging what would I be doing? I'll tell you what. I'd be studying for finals, watching the first season of The O.C. on DVD with the Three Amigos Girl, biting her pinching her, kissing her, rolling around with her until 4 am and then kicking myself for letting some fragile little girl get attached to me again. Then wishing it was the G2K. But I'm not a commitment man. I'm a lone ranger. So when the Bat Phone rang again and they told me, "it's official, You're going to LA," I saw a way out of my mess for a few months and I took it.

The car will be back from the body shop by Monday. Then I'll have exactly 3 weeks before it needs to take me and any worldly possession of mine worth carrying to Los Angeles, California. The Truth Blog is taking a road trip and you're all coming. You'll get to see LA through the eyes of a fresh face whose never spent any time on its streets or lived within hundreds of miles of a beach or seen a celebrity walk down the street or skated down the beachfront path. And if that isn't enough, I'll spend my working hours at magazine that's going to show me a different side of the town then most people get the chance to see. Best of all, they're fricking going to pay me.

I want to skate around town and I want to surf and I want to meet new people and write amazing articles and drink and play and work so hard that I think my brain might fry and go to concerts and kiss girls and then wake up and do it all again the next day. And of course, I want to sit right here and tell you all every little amazing thing about it.

And you're probably thinking how is this little shit so lucky? What has he got that's so special? Nothing. It's just about being humble in the real world and cocky as fuck on some stupid inconsequential blog. And then letting a little bit of that digital cockiness bleed out of the black and white and into the real world. Because then you start to believe that you can run this funny little world. And everybody else starts to believe it too. And suddenly all your dreams start to be part of your day to day routine.

Hi ho silver.


Blogger Mo said...

road trip! hells yeah mutha fucka!

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