Thursday, April 14, 2005

The pink blossoms outside the window began to glow around 7 p.m. as the sun's last rays danced off their petals. I pretended to read until I just couldn't. Stared at the white ceiling. and I wanted Amos Lee's black river to take my cares away. I stared until all the light faded out.

I must have been a saint in my last life. I must have done some really amazing things. I must have changed so many people's lives for the better. Because there's no reason I deserve all the good luck that comes my way. In the next life I'm going to be a gnat or a flea or an ant and I'm going to spend a hundred years just buzzing around your ears and they're going to think they're punishing me but really they're setting me free. When you're a gnat there's no decisions to make. Everyday you wake with the sun, you buzz in people's faces and you fall asleep when it gets cold. A life without choices. I'm awful at making choices. If they really wanted to punish me they would make me fly on an airplane everyday in my next life and each morning they asked "window or aisle? What would you like to drink? Chicken or turkey wrap? Would you like to buy headphones for $5? Stow your bag overhead or below the seat in front of you?" Heavier Things should be stowed under the seat in front of you. That's where the emotional baggage should go.

That Ashley Girl
came back for a cameo the other day but didn't really write anything new.
Yes DB, bloggers are self-centered bastards who think the worlds sucks but there's power in that. We are finally finding eachother. We'll unite.

Simpleton is blogging the way we all should.

Something is stirring in my stomach. It's a little bit of hungry. It's a little bit of thirsty. It's a smattering of horny. All in one.

If I go to hell at least Tony will keep me company. Speaking of which, my dream of working at a prestigious magazine in NYC has turned into a jaded hope to slave it out in LA for a celebrity-peddling disaster this summer. It goes around. It comes around. The black river takes my cares away. They drift out to the ocean where they clouds suck them up. Then they blow back in and rain down on me again.


Blogger eric said...

whenever i have a tedious task to perform, the thought always enters my mind: what if i were sentenced to do this for eternity?

like, say, trying to tie off fishing line or trying to fit a wrench through an impossible maze of metal to loosen by hand an oil filter screwed on with a machine.

i suppose that could be a reincarnation thing, like coming back as a child laborer in a chinese sweatshop.


1:05 PM  
Blogger Tayden said...

If I could have one job it would be to wrap the power cord around the two prongs on vaccum cleaners as they come down the assembly line. I could wrap the vaccum cord all day long. Only problem is, I hate to vaccum. i need a wife who loves to vaccum but likes to leave the cord all sprawled out on hte floor.

1:01 PM  
Blogger simpleton said...

Hey, thanks.

My one job I could do?

Pretty much anything that's unsurpervised. The fewer coworkers I have, the better I am.

6:59 PM  

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