Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lead up to some standard summer fare

When I grin, people around me smile. I know that my smile's infectious. It's big and a little goofy and a little intriguing and people just can't help but join in. Yesterday you probably wouldn't have expected to see me grinning too much. But there I was, standing next to the busted up front end of my car outside my house after getting off the phone with the insurance company and I couldn't help but smile.

A car accident? You can't phase me. Wasn't even my fault.

G2K calls to tell me about her trip with her ex-boyfriend? Pass the sugar please.

Rain? Splashing in puddles makes the grin even bigger.

Went 60 minutes over on the cell bill? Pay for it with the new summer job>

It was right then, mid-smile, the afternoon before I had two exams and a research paper due, that the girl from the scholarship banquet called. Miss Three Amigos herself. Since the banquet she has become my new AIM buddy, keeping me giggling and distracted with lines like, "if I am reincarnated as any animal I will probably come back as krill. I'm already deathly afraid of whales." Her big lips curled into a awkwardly cute smile under her freshly cut blonde hair and I wanted to kiss her right there. The first ugly drop of rain slowed abruptly as it changed quickly to a snowflake and fell on her freckled nose. It balanced there a second before it relented and returned to liquid again. She crossed her eyes to look at it.

"Lunch?" Sure. I'll pick you up. The hood is bent up enough to obstruct part of my vision But trust me, I'm seeing everything crystal clear.

And just as I'm laying the foundations for a summer in this town that I wouldn't ever forget the Bat Phone rings. Time to suit up.

what is it Comish?

It's LA. They need you. They're over their head out there at the xbi. But we've arranged a perfect cover for you. A journalist. No one would ever suspect that a superhero would pose as a journalist. Especially not one doing this kind of reporting.

And it didn't matter how many bullets they shot at me on those mean, snowy, streets that night, nothing could wipe this dopey, crooked smile off my face.


Anonymous db said...

hot damn. thanks for that.

8:41 PM  
Blogger eric said...

nice description of the snowflake, tayden.


9:29 PM  
Blogger Mo said...

still waiting for the i almost ran into a bullet story.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Pragmatik said...

Me, too.
Hope your car is Okay, though, man. My sympathies for the insurance bullshit.

12:23 PM  

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