Wednesday, March 30, 2005

When you're gone for a little while you don't read people's blogs. You just have to accept that. There's not time to go back and read it all now. Just let it go. Whatever happened during that week happened and somehow you managed to slip outside of time. Where the waves roll in and out again.

As I came back through customs and immigration the man checking my passport asked if I had brought any goods back. I told him no. "You were there 6 nights and you didn't even get a t-shirt?" Nope. I got a tan a hangover and a couple pictures on my digital camera. Wanna see? He smiled, shook his head and waved me through.

The trip was good. I don't look like the average american college idiot and so the people of Cancun didn't treat me as such. Somehow the combination of blood from my jewish, Eastern European ancestors managed to mingle in a just the right way to make me look a little different. May be I look italian or latin or arab. No one can really tell. This on top of the fact that my spanish accent is surprisingly authentic. So I found myself enthralled with the girls on vacation from Guatemala. Their dark skin contrasting so much more beautifully with the white sandy beaches than the fake-boobed, braided-hared, tan-lined, drunk, and slutty girls from New York and New Jersey. So much more flavor. If only my high school spanish teacher could see me now.

So I got more than I bargained for. The anthropologist in me yelled to get out of the hotel and go see the native people. The College Student in me yelled to forget about the people and follow the girls to the clubs. The Intellectual in me scolded me for wanting to chase the girls to the clubs and insisted I spend my days reading on the beach under the radiant glow of the latin sun. Somehow I managed to indulge all three. Oh Cancun, how I love you. How I loathe you. I don't think you will ever know.

I returned rejuvenated only to find that I didn't get the job I was holding out for in NYC this summer. And like all those kids on Easter morning, I had managed to put most of my eggs in one basket. So now the scramble begins. Maybe for a job. Maybe for a trip to a far off land. That's the fun of it. Just not knowing.


Blogger eric said...

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Blogger eric said...

indecision and loathing in cancun.

could be a tayden s. blogger book.

glad you enjoyed it ... and kept your dignity.


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