Thursday, March 17, 2005

There is really something cool about the first 45 seconds right after you wake up. Your body is in reboot mode. It's like all the different sections of you brain disconnected while you were sleeping and slowly the synapsis remember what they're supposed to do and start firing again. Information pops out of your long term memory and into your short term. You suddenly become aware of where you are.

Yesterday morning I woke up early. Too early.

At 5 seconds I realized that Ben Lee's "Catch My Disease" was playing on clock radio.
At 10 seconds I realized it was 7 a.m.
At 15 seconds I realized there was a goldfish in my room.
At 20 seconds I realized that that I had class in a little over an hour
At 25 seconds I realized that I had done something really stupid the night before
At 30 seconds I was trying to figure out what it was. I was searching the room for any clothing that would prove a girl had shared my bed the night before.
At 45 seconds I realized that my cousin had found a crazy deal and convinced me to come to Cancun for spring break.

I screamed out in agony. What had I done? There's a reason Goldman Sachs offered my cousin far too much money to come work for them in NYC when he graduates from Stanford in a few months. And he had used every technique in the training manual until he convinced me of the awesomeness of the deal. 6 nights in Cancun. Airifare and 5-star hotel for under 7 hundo. Less than a week out. He's a businessman. I'm a journalist. He'll go to Cancun to drink and party. I'll go to do an ethnography. You won't find me doing typical college stuff to often. But I am, after all, in college. So I will swallow my pride and my $320 direct flight to Cancun Internation and do what we college kids do.

I'm not better than the rest of them. Tony reminded me yesterday:

"remember that all you barely legal know it alls who think that you can see into the crystal ball of the future. i have been to the future and i come back to you to say you dont know shit and thats the good news."

He's right. I don't know shit. But I know that it's 80 degrees in Cancun, there's lots of down-home midwestern girls waiting for me and I look good in a pair of boardshorts. We kick the tires and light the fires Monday. So it goes.


Blogger eric said...

great insight on waking up, tayden. with my job as a journalist (see it's not that bad), i tend to wake up once i'm ready.

in that context, it's really the time i feel best in a day. everything has been deconstructed in my dreams and clarity reigns.

of course, when you've got an interview at 7 a.m., it doesn't take 10 seconds to wake up and say, "oh shit, it's 7 a.m."

as for cancun ... i, too, come from the future and say, "stop thinking and get drunk."


9:00 PM  
Blogger Pragmatik said...

Have a good trip, man. I hope you bring back some nice photos.

4:35 PM  

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