Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sometimes you need to think less about the beginning and just begin. How many people pay attention to the start? Can you remember the first few years of your life. The first few lines of that amazing book. It was the Best of times. It was the worst of times. That's the only first line of any book I have ever remembered and I'm happy to admit I never made it to the end. I love books but sometimes I spread my love too thin.

When I was a small child my father owned a bookstore. Though it seemed big at the time when I was just learning how to walk, it was a mere sliver compared with any Borders or Barnes and Noble. It was in a shady part of town where few people would want to walk after dark and where bums would stroll in off the street looking for a place to warm their hands. Sometimes my dad gave them a little cash. The bookstore didn't make much money but he gave what he could anyhow.

Eventually there just wasn't enough money anymore. My dad let his partner buy him out. For next to nothing. And I don't know if he was ever the same after that. I was so young. But I remember. I remember a glimmer in his eye. Maybe of wondering what was over the horizon. He took a job at a printer. He worked nights. My mom worked days and they rarely saw each other. Later he worked for a non-profit. And he stayed there forever. They fired him and rehired him and payed him very little. And I wonder if he ever wanted anything else. Anything more. He got his highschool sweetheart and a family of four and a house in the suburbs and now a big TV and I wonder if he reads as many books as he wants to anymore. I wonder what he's got left. What makes him happy. If what he has is enough. If he has learned to get the most pleasure from the simplest things or whether he has simply given up.

and I wonder if he ever thinks about the beginning or if he's always thinking about the end.


Blogger Chris Ritke said...

Funny - these thoughts are going around - recently read something that I really agree with: Embrace Change! Don't think about the beginning but don't think too much about the end, because it's not going to end up the way you planned it anyway.

But in all of this I think it's especially important to think positive - at least as much as possible!


3:40 PM  
Blogger Sylkk said...

always enjoy reading your blog ~

those have to be some of the the best first lines of any book.

Not sure if the beggining or the end is better think you have to make the most of what is in front you rather...

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

every story starts the same and every story ends the same. How you get from one to the other is all that matters.

Not finishing books is like losing interest in life--like giving up, and "settling."

Finish the book, get some ideas for how to get from here to there, and then go the other direction.

2:33 PM  

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