Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's inevitable that kids will do the opposite of whatever their parents want them to. It's like human nature these days. If my father had his way I'd probably be a Buddhist and a tennis player and a prick slated to graduate from some stuffy old small ivy school in the frozen forest of the northeast. If my mother had her way, I would live down the block and come over every day to gossip about my life's juicy details so she could send it out across the hotline to extended families and coworkers. I'm not a rebel but I know when to rebel.

But anyone can appreciate the wisdom that comes with age. And with the blogosphere comes infinite mentors willing to guide me through the pitfalls of life's important and trivial challenges. Where would I be without Tony P.? He fosters all those creative juices and makes me want to be more than I am. I read Jeff Jarvis' Buzzmachine everyday because he makes me look long and hard at journalism from every angle. Lately I found Eric hiding in his Great Elsewhere. I think Eric's job is going to be keeping me humble. Keeping me focused. Maybe smacking me across the face every once in a while.

Yesterday a writer for a pretty big magazine came to the journalism school. Somehow I managed to convince the faculty to let me meet with him one on one. And somehow he brought up how cool it would have been to have blogs when he was in journalism school. And I could have just smiled and nodded and waited for the moment to pass. But sometimes I'm prideful and boastful and hungry for recognition. So I told him I had a blog. And at first mentioned how I didn't really tell anyone I knew about it. But he had this disarming presence. Probably the same presence he used for the last 15 years pulling amazing stories out of famous people. And there it was. thetruthblog.blogspot.com on a small slip of paper, folded once and slipped into his pocket.

And I could hear the voice in the back of my head screaming "NO! Get it back. Just ask for it back. Tackle him if you have to but don't let him leave the room with that address!" But he just kept smiling. And I was helpless. Helpless to tell him that I'm not ever sure I want to be a journalist. Even though I'd bet he'd tell me that he wasn't either. So now there's two people out there roaming around who know me. Which, come to think of it, isn't as scary as all the people who come here not having a clue who I truly am: A one-eyed transvestite posting from the children's section of the public library where I spend most of my days looking at porn God Bless Al Gore for inventing the internet.


Blogger Mo said...

recognition in the blogosphere comes from other bloggers. not from your friends, not from coworkers, not from peter jennings.

our own little world is self sufficient, and relies on no one but itself.

8:18 AM  

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