Saturday, March 19, 2005

In under 72 hours I'll be getting off the plane and entering the spring break of all spring breaks. It's the kind of vacation high school boys dream about. They salivate over MTV imagining what it would be like just to brush up against one of those girls. And there I'll be, jammed right in the middle of sue from Ohio and Mary from Mississippi.

It's break and I've gone to see the family for a least a moment. And I found that while I was gone, my house entered the 21st century. They got on demand digital cable. And as I sat there actually feeling guilty for seeking out some crap movie in the menu rather than just happening upon it while channel surfing, I tried to get amped for the week to come. But all I could think was "man, I really want to take a girl to the movies." I don't want to bang her or pour chocolate on her or smack her ass or get naked on a dace floor of foam. I don't want to wakeup with her bra on the light fixture and my cousin in the next bed. I want to sit in that soda-stained seat and feel the electricity of my arm-hairs touching hers. I want her to grab my hand when something jumps out. I want her to giggle and laugh at the stupid jokes I whisper all movie long in her ear. I want to smell her perfume in the car on the way home. I want to give her a little kiss on the cheek when I wish her goodnight. I want her to ask me up and I want to say "I've got a long day tomorrow" and smile my big smile.

So if there was ever a worse point from which to head into spring break in Cancun, this is it. But I've got a notepad in my backpack and a pen in my pocket. If nothing else I'm going to write the best spring break article you have ever read. Or maybe I'll just get over myself, shave my chest and do it up right.


Blogger eric said...

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Blogger eric said...

i don't think you have a choice.

you can be the reserved, cerebral people-watcher ... but you'll have to shave your chest to fit in.

whenever i'm in those situations, i always wind up being some drunk, goatee-stroking sociologist studying the natural habitat.


8:48 AM  

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