Saturday, March 12, 2005

I think there's something really cool and deep about crosswalks. I don't know what is it but I'm sure there's something there. Which is why I won't write about crosswalks. Because anything that jumps out and yells "METAPHOR" at you isn't going to help you get anywhere but across the street. So I stare with contempt at the white walking stick man each time I cross the intersection. And I had a headache this week. Apparently it's called a sinus infection but I've never had anything like it so I don't really know. I was doing whatever I could to distract myself from it. Even if it meant being that guy walking the streets with the ipod earbuds in.

And as I crossed the street, scowling intently at the man in white, A girl crossed my path. As she passed me she looked straight into my eyes, raised her right hand to her face and pointed at her eyes, index finger under the cloudy blue globe on the right and middle finger under the left. It was strange. Kind of cool. I had no idea what she was trying to tell me. But for some reason I thought it was a reminder to take a look around. Take a second to let the distractions fade.

And the next day my friend made a $10 bet with me in true Ed fashion. Never watched Ed? Bowling alley lawyer? Good Television. Where were we? Oh right, the bet. Get across the street at the crosswalk. Rush hour. Cartwheels only. So there I was, being mocked by the crosswalk's man in white. Cartwheeling. Cars lined up like a studio audience. And I was wondering what the girl with the blue eyes would have thought of me now.


Blogger eric said...

good for you, man. life is just too damn short not to trip out on the hidden details of life and to show people that life isn't predictable.

maybe somebody wrote about you, you know?

let's see, what would the girl think now ... maybe her index finger pointed at her temple gesturing in clockwise motion, perhaps?

sometimes -- usually when i'm sloshed -- i like to jump and high-five the red crosswalk hand telling you to stop.

it's like ... right on! you've got balls to try to tell a crowd of people ready to get somewhere what to do!


7:09 PM  

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