Monday, February 14, 2005

A Tidbit For Your Ass

It was the kind of conversation you only have around sunset.

When the superficiality of the days starts to fade and all you’re left with is the sun-parched core of what’s real.

It’s the little things, he told me simply.

But as my eyes wandered from the ring of sweat encrusted on his cap to the remnants of weekly chores wedged under his fingernails, I could tell that he was not a man who paid great attention to detail.

He followed my gaze with his wise brown eyes.

Not those little things, He murmured.

Then what?

The ones you don’t expect.

The smell of a childhood friend’s house drifting on the breeze.

The smug expression of the turtles as they crawl by slowly but contented.

That way her hair felt in the afternoon rain.

But I can’t remember those.

You don’t have to.

They remember you.

And they will return to you when you need them.


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AWESOME! thats all.

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