Monday, February 07, 2005

It didn't matter that my house sat at the top of a circle. I didn't care that the houses my four closest friends and I shared nearly the exact same floor plan. And it didn't matter that there was nothing to do. Ever. Wasting away in suburbia. We would hurl nerf projectiles at each other across the yard. We would play street hockey until the bright orange ball would slip away into darkness. We knew that one day we would have to fend for ourselves. But it didn't matter then. I could cross my back yard, hop the fence and be at Tank's front door. maybe 50 steps to Hyphen's front door. Just up the hill to JG's or the Almighty Quinn's. Summers by the pool.

Do you remember? when all we ever wanted was to be bigger. To be stronger. To get into all those places that were grownups only. We wanted to be listened to. When everyone talked to you like you were dumb but you already knew better. Look at those fools , we used to think.

Later We rode bikes to school. We had girlfriends and crushes and made fun of each other’s dick sizes. We wanted to be kings but we didn't realize that we already were. We wanted to run the world, to be the best, the smartest, we wanted to rise above it. Deep down we probably all still do. Each in his own way. And now we wear glasses and have tattoos and sideburns. Cars and girlfriends and maybe loans. We have futures but we also have some past. Something real. We can look back and see how far we've come.

People listen to us now. We go wherever we want and sometimes we don't even look back. And soon our games are gonna end. We'll think about these days. When we still dreamed for ourselves and not for our kids. When we dreamed of fighter pilots and astronauts and movie stars and musicians. of writers and professors and big cities. We'll remember before the time we made history. Our history When we thought we were so grown up but were still such stupid kids with nothing but dreams and words and whatever stuck between our ears. And realize we were kings.


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such a awesome post. great fucking job. i wish i'd written it.

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