Saturday, February 12, 2005

From The Second of July, 2004:

It's Friday afternoon and it's a holiday weekend and I didn't want to stay at home. So I called the boss and said, "I'm not coming in today." I didn't want to hang around so I went to the airport, cut the line and told the Lady at the counter, "I need to get to NYC RIGHT NOW!" and I flashed my US ******** Team ID card and she said, "Let me see here, I think we can do something for you." The next thing I know I was on a plane. And it's a holiday weekend so I decided fuck it and called the G2K from that phone in the seat back in front of me that no one ever uses because it expensive and anyone within 2 rows of you can hear the entire conversation. And what did I tell her? "meet me at Rockefeller center in 2 hours, we're going to see Conan." First she thought I was lying so I told her to look at her caller ID. She did and it said Somewhere over Ohio so she said, "oh snap, I'll meet you there."

And I took the subway. But I don't really know my way around so I got lost and barely made it. I was in NYC for 4th of July weekend to see the G2K and to see Conan and to say "fuck you" to any terrorist who thinks he can scare me this weekend by trying to blow something up. When I got to the NBC studios the G2K was waiting for me and even though I was worried about how she might look since I haven't seen her in almost 2 years she wasn't fat, in fact I think she was skinnier. And her hair was just the same length as I remembered it. We sat down and Cedric the Entertainer made me laugh and Jason Bateman was a tool and who the hell is Yoshi Amao and but I saw the Big Red Haired comical genius and after the show G2K squeezed my hand and whispered to me she had a surprise for me. She led me backstage to kick it with Conan. I told him he was really tall and he said that it was just the camera
lens that made him look tall but I said I was standing next to him and that there was no camera lens and he said that there is always a camera lens. It was weird and beautiful.

We hung out for a while and then she said, "lets go home" so we rolled to Grand Central and caught the commuter train. And now she's waiting for me upstairs. And I'm blogging. But the TMG stumbled onto my blog just and she called and asked where I was. I told her I was in NYC but she said, "I read that on your blog and I don't believe you." And I hadn't even posted it yet. She told me I had a lot of run on sentences. I told her it was for effect. She called me a tool but still she doesn't believe I am in NYC. So I told her that it's the motherfucking Truth Blog and to read the damn subtitle. Why doesn't anyone ever read the god damn subtitle?


Blogger The Lazy Writer said...

I've read half your posts and would have read the rest but my girlfirend is hassling me to go to bed and that's not the brag you may think it is because she knows I form obsessions and she knows damn well that blogging is the new one and I know that run on sentences have their purpose despite what too many years of being overeducated may have lead anyone to otherwise think.

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